Royal Thali - Chara ko Ledo Dinner Menu (for Two) at Baber Mahel Vilas – Special Gift Voucher

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Royal Thali - Chara ko Ledo Dinner Menu (for Two) at Baber Mahel Vilas – Special Gift Voucher

Note: This dinner voucher is for 2 persons for one visit together.

Royal Thali, the feast of Rana Maharajas, is a luxurious 3 course meal at Baithak in Baber Mahal Vilas. Baithak is the heritage hotel’s own dining room that hosts cultural shows from 6 PM to 8 PM along with the royal dinner.

Chara ko Ledo menu features the dishes that the Rana royals of Nepal were particularly fond of. Each course will be served with substantial portions of each dish.

The menu:


  • Maas Daal ko Bara: Ground black lentils deep fried into fluffy balls
  • Aloo ko Ledo Achar: Boiled, marinated & spiced potatoes
  • Chicken Mo: Mo: Steamed chicken dumplings


  • Basmati Kesari Bhuja: Long grained rice simmered in saffron water and clarified butter
  • Kalo Daal Jhaneko: Black lentils cooked with spices & strained through a fine muslin cloth
  • Chara ko Ledo: Boneless chicken cooked with Nepalese herbs and spices
  • Chamsur Palunga ko Saag: Two types of spinach sauteed in garlic & mustard oil
  • Bhanta Sadeko: Spiced charcoal grilled aubergine
  • Aaloo Tareko: Large spiced, fried potatoes
  • Luchi Puri: Deep fried Nepali style bread
  • Golbheda ko Achar: Charcoal grilled tomatoes & spices grounded to a paste
  • Kakro & Kerau ko Achar: Fresh cucumber & chickpeas pickle


  • Sikarni: Sweet and seasoned spiced yogurt with Gulab Jamun


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